I have split the FreeBSD insallation into two sections. The first section is for installing and configuring qmail, qmail-scanner, spamassassin, clamav and many other programs. The second optional section is for installing the components needed to add users/domains via a web interface. If you do not need to web interface options, you can skip this.

Step 1 - FreeBSD Installation checklist

Step 2 - Download qmailrocks and update it

Step 3 - Installing Perl

Step 4 - Installing qmail

Step 5 - Installing UCSPI-TCP

Step 6 - Installing Daemontools

Step 7 - Installing EZMLM-IDX

Step 8 - Installing autoresponder

Step 9 - Installing vpopmail

Step 10 - Configuring validrcptto

Step 11 - Installing maildrop

Step 12 - Disabling sendmail

Step 13 - Configuring Qmail

Step 14 - Setting up smtp with SSL

_____Screenshots: Setting up Thunderbird for SSL

_____Screenshots: Setting up Microsoft Outlook for SSL

_____Screenshots: Setting up Outlook Express for SSL

Step 15 - Setting up SpamAssassin

Step 16 - Setting up ClamAV

_____Option 1: Setting up QmailScanner 1.25 with qms analog

_____________Setting up Qmailstats

_____Option 2: Setting up QmailScanner 2.0 without qms analog

The next section below are mostly for web components so you can add users/domains via a web interface. If you do not need any
of this, you can skip over steps 17-20 and go right to Upgrading and Maintaining the qmailrocks system

Step 17 - Installing Courier-Imap

Step 18 - Installing Squirrelmail

Step 19 - Installing qmailadmin

Step 20 - Installing vQadmin

Optional Steps:

Upgrading and Maintaining the qmailrocks system

How to use services and look at logs

Understanding smtproutes